Young lady with huge backside throws another challenge to Hajia Bintu in new video » GhBase•com™

A young lady is beginning to take the internet by storm for having a replica of the huge backside Tik Tok stars Hajia Bintu has.

The well-endowed high school girl has announced herself in grand style to netizens by throwing subtle challenges to Hajia Bintu.

Identified as Queen Siila, the young lady is on the sure path of capitalizing on her physical endowments to make a living and name fro herself.

Hajia Bintu has made a name for herself simply because of her attractive huge bum which she proudly flaunts., However, it appears, this young lady is on the sure path to taking the crown from Hajia Bintu in a few years.

According to sources, the young lady is a high school student based in Kumasi and has been sharing videos where she is mostly seen shaking her bum, revelling over her nice shape and playing to the fantasies of her followers.

Attention is gradually moving towards her as she slowly but steadily climbs onto the celebrity ladder with her focus primarily on dethroning Hajia Bintu since she’s also got what it takes.

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