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A lady identified as Usman Fatima has recounted how her father used to force her to sleep with her for years without her mom knowing about it.

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The Nigerian lady who just completed her secondary education noted that she lives with both her mother and dad in Ondo State.

She emphasized that the father known as Usman Sani Momoh threatened to kill her if she blow the alarm on her mother or anyone.

She said, “Whenever my mother has slept off in the middle of the night, he will wake me up and take me to the kitchen to have s*x with me.

” It gets to a point where I will insist that am not going to allow him to have s*x with me but he will send me out of the house, I have slept outside on several occasions that my mother did not even know whether I slept at home or not.

” She won’ t even check on me in the room not until in the morning that we will now see each other. My mother would have slept off, I thought sometimes maybe my father used to drug my mother.

” If I told him am going to raise alarm, he will threaten to stab me to death if I dare tell anyone. He will be threatening me with a knife. I tried on several occasions to tell my mother but she won’ t listen to me because she didn’ t believe me.

” He wanted to repeat the same thing with my younger sister, Usman Jemila, that was when I ran away from home then raise alarm.”

The mother reacting to this said, “I was so shocked to hear about this development because how my husband was committing such crime under my nose and I could not find out still sound like a mystery to me.”

The father in an interrogation noted, “I was not on my right mind when I was having s*x with Fatima, it was the handwork of the devil”

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