You Don’t Have S*nse If You Don’t Believe In God

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Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale and his accomplices after being granted bail has revealed that anyone who doesn’t believe in God is a fool looking at what they’ve been through these few days.

Shatta Wale and his boys were denied bail when they were arrested for causing fear and panic to people in the country with their stunt of the dancehall artiste being shot and were remanded in Ankaful prison for a couple of days before being granted bail today.

After regaining their freedom for the time been, Shatta Wale and his boys were seen in a video praising God for being faithful to them declaring that anyone who doesn’t believe in God is a fool as the few days they spent in the prison has made them realized that there is God indeed and they seem to now believe that he works in mysterious ways.

We know Shatta Wale believes in God based on some tweets he has made in the past but he only didn’t believe in the doom prophecies of these prophects in Ghana and that is what even took him to jail just because he wanted to prove a point but then took it a little far which drew the attention of the police into the whole saga.

We are all happy they are back now though judgement hasn’t been given but we hope they learn from it as well as others not to repeat the same mistake ever again.

video below;



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