‘Worldremit’ money doubling scheme is a scam – BoG warns

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The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has cautioned the general public against a money-doubling scheme operating in Ghana under the pseudo name “Worldremit”.

In a communique, the central bank said the scheme is fraudulent and is not associated with the globally renowned money transfer and remittance services company, WorldRemit. (See photo below)

Logo of renowned money transfer company, WorldRemit

Under the scheme operating in Ghana, customers are persuaded to send money to them in exchange for double or thrice their investment.

Many unsuspecting customers fall for the scheme due to the juicy advertising module it uses. However, investors do not get their reward as promised by the scheme.

An example of the promised reward is shown below.

Fraud Alert

The central bank explained that the fraudulent “scheme encourages customers to select preferred packages, following which a code is generated by the fraudsters with which they obtain the WhatsApp accounts of their victims for spurious purposes.”

The Bank of Ghana said it has not licensed any entity or individual to undertake money doubling in the country.

It added that “any individual or entity that participates in such or similar schemes does so at their own peril.”

Below is the full statement

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