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A viral video depicted the moment a woman confronted her friend after she discovered her sleeping with her husband on a hidden camera.

Shaunabby, a TikToker, uploaded a series of videos explaining the incident and revealing how it all unfolded, which went viral after being shared.

 She records her former friend sitting on a couch folding clothes in the first video, which has received over 12 million views. “Ima confronts both of them when he walks through the door,” the video caption. “When you give your friend a place to stay and she sleeps with your man while you’re at work and they don’t know you know cuz you hid a camera,” the video’s text reads.

Part 2 of the TikToker’s video revealed that she installed a camera in her home because “her gut wasn’t feeling right.” She stated that it had nothing to do with her former friend, but she suspected that her husband was having an affair with another woman.

 However, she was surprised to learn that it was her friend who had been sleeping with her husband. The TikToker appeared surprised, despite the fact that she and the woman had been friends for “like four years now.”

She was then seen confronting her former friend in another video. When her husband came in, he asked the TikToker, “What are you talking about?” Before the scene went dark, the woman’s former friend denied the accusation, and the audio can be heard in the background for a brief second before the video ends. “BTW I made her think we were making a video at first FYI to all y’all trolls,” the video caption.

 In the final video, titled Part 3, the woman discussed the confrontation, claiming that it eventually escalated into a scuffle. She also mentioned that her former friend and husband had left the house.

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