Why you must sack them

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She made this known on her popular Egyaso Gyaso program on Okay FM on Tuesday. Vim Lady said these sycophants have shielded the flaws of the president and this will gradually be his bane which will erase his good reputation.

She therefore asked him to start firing these bootlickers and praise singers immediately so he could see the ‘truth’ and govern the country well. In her words;

“You are one of the finest Presidents Ghana has ever had. But those sycophants around you must be sacked. President Akufo Addo, I urge you to sack those sycophants around you. You better do that because you risk taking them along with a disgrace when you retire from office. Start sacking them!!” she emphasized.

You need to be confronted with the truth. The other time what you said to the Aflao chief was politically incorrect. It doesn’t mean someone hates you when he or she criticizes you about that. It’s meant to correct you.”

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