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Why I don’t smoke or drink

Ghanaian rap artiste, Opanka has revealed in a new interview why he has totally shut the door on alcohol and cigarettes.

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In a studio interview with Doctar Cann on the Ayekoo After-Drive show which airs on Happy FM, the Tema-based rapper said he neither smokes nor drinks because he’s very conscious of his health.

“I want to live long and I feel like if I drink or smoke, it could have an effect on me in the future. If you look into it, both alcohol and cigarettes have certain side effects on people and I would not want to go through that”, he said.

The rapper also mentioned that smoking or drinking is only a waste of money and it is something that society frowns on, hence, his reason for not getting into it.

The ‘Tie Tie’ freestyler further said he’s also picky when it comes to meals that enter his system. “I do more natural fruit juices and water”, the rapper revealed.

Opanka added; “I like local foods a lot and even with that, I prefer homemade than buying from outside because the foods from outside are sometimes unhygienic. I’m not saying I’m perfect but I’m trying my best to live healthily and avoid all those petty illnesses at my old age”.

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