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He stated that having a side chic is problematic as nothing good comes out of it. In an interview on Cape Coast Kastle FM, the Ghanaian rapper said being with one woman is ideal and that’s what he practices.

“I don’t have a side girl because I’m not capable of it.” Having a girlfriend isn’t easy since it comes with its own set of problems. Imagine you’re having a fantastic time with your wife when your side woman sends you a message; it’ll ruin everything.

Even one lady is too much for us, and to add another to the mix… As for me, I’m not a fan of having a side girl. He added, “I really enjoy the one I’m having right now.”

Prior to this, the rapper granted a separate interview on Kingdom FM where said Ghana music doesn’t pay and if not for digital monetization of his songs from platforms such as iTunes and YouTube, things would have been difficult for him.

He further said he’s not getting endorsement deals because no brand wants to get associated with him since he had issues with the police some time ago for which reason he was incarcerated for a few weeks.

I don’t depend on music to feed myself because have three children, one went to the University of Ghana, Legon. So I have business aside, that I hustle to feed my family.

When the endorsement deals came because of the problem I had so nobody is willing, even shows, the network communication companies don’t want to use me. When my name even emerges in a show, they would withdraw from sponsoring.

Kwaw further revealed he goes through a lot because of sabotage in the music industry.

I go through a lot, my sabotage is serious than anyone but I will not rely 100% on music in Ghana because I have passed through. I know for sure that I’m not the only one complaining”.

Music in Ghana doesn’t pay, when you do a song, the money, you make from Youtube, Itunes is not the money Ghana is paying you.

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