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Cloth Facemasks Are Less Protective Against Covid-19

Dr Joseph Oliver -Commey, an Infectious Disease Specialist at the Ghana Infectious Disease Center, says the efficiency of cloth masks in protecting people against the Coronavirus is lowered when used in crowded areas.

He told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that generally, all masks were protective against Coronavirus because they formed a barrier to infections when the mucous membranes, ‘nose and mouth’ were covered but the cloth masks, were less effective.

“There are many types of masks and they serve the same purpose at different times…,” he said and recommended the use of medical masks for workplaces because, “usually in the office, people are close and indoors.”

“Most workplaces use air conditioners, which may be circulating same air so medical masks are advised for those who work with COVID-19 infected people, and N95 masks are also recommended,” he said.

The Infectious Disease Specialist said the key to protecting oneself no matter the strain of the virus was to practice the barriers, stressing, “Use a face covering to cover the mucous membranes, nose, and mouth, wash off any viruses on your hands that you might have picked up along the way while interacting with people.”

He encouraged people to avoid overcrowded places.



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