Volta Region: 15-year-old girl found dead in a water tank

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The entire township of Have Abrodime has been thrown into a state of shock after 15-year-old Dogbega was found dead in a water tank.

Dogbega’s body, according to reports, was found in a water tank in the house of one Mawule Kodzo.

This sad news comes days after the girl was declared missing by her parents on Thursday November 18th 2021.

Following her sudden disappearance, the youth at Have Abrodime in the Afadjato South district of the Volta region embarked on a wild search for the girl.

Giving her account on this sad tidings, the suspect’s sister said she had returned from the farm and feeling thirty on the Saturday the girl was declareed missing.

She got closer to the water tank, opened the tank only to see the decomposed body of the girl in the water tank.

According to her, when she got nearer to the tank to fetch water to quench her thirst she smelled a bad stink and saw flies around the tank only to see a dead body in the tank after opening.

We gather the Have police have released the body of the girl to the family for burial after 2 morgues they took it to rejected over fears that the body might rot the next day.

Meanwhile , the suspect Mawule Kodzo, whose house the body was found voluntarily surrendered himself to the Have police whiles investigations continue.

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