(+VIDEO) You Can’t Chop Me For Five Minutes And C.um, You Have To Go At Least 30 minutes For Four Rounds

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Controversial Ghanaian n.udist and model, Shugatiti has made some serious revelations about how she wants to be chopped.

Speaking in a recent interview, Shugatiti emphasised that she wanted a man who can chop her for 30 minutes before resting.

She added that she won’t allow any man who can only chop her for 5 minutes come close to her because she is a very hyperactive person who enjoys a good time. Shugatiti was recently rumoured to have gone under her knife to increase the size of her bortos.

Even though she claimed she used the products she was selling to enhance her body but her fans didn’t buy it.

Anyway due to her high sexuality, Shugatiti said she wants a man who can chop her for four rounds without hesitating.

Watch the video below;

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