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A real congenital condition has caused twin born girls and bearing female names to turn boys as they grow.

These kids were born in the Yilo Krobo in Manya Krobo Municipal District had to skip school because of the choice of school uniform they had to choose.

Their condition has put them in a position where they have to undergo medical surgery to avert the condition which has now become a concern for them and their parents.

In the seemingly growing concerns about LGBTQ+ in the country, the kids who now prefers to be males had their ears pierced and other female features due to what they were presumed to be at birth.

But according to experts, their case has nothing to do with lgbtqi+ but they’re hermaphrodites, eventually, as they grow, one sexual domain will become dominant. The only mistake was they were given feminine names and eventually, the masculine hormones became dominant.

Take a look at them in the video below;

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