(+VIDEO) This old man’s PEN has stood erəct after uɤɨnating on Komfo Anokye’s sacred shrine in Awukugwa » GhBase•com™

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An old man who out of ignorance pulled his manhood to urinate on Okomfo Anokye’s sacred in his native hometown has had his PEN stand erect for some days.

The man believed to be in his 70s attracted a lot of people to the scene when it was made known of the consequences he had brought on himself after urinating on the sacred shrine of Komfo Anokye in Awukugwa.

Videos from the scene show the man with the Erəcted manh00d in his shorts while he suffers in pain.

According to Angel Fm reporter in the town, the man hails from Tutu and visited the shrine at Awukugwa yesterday.

At the shrine, he asked for the sacred place reserved for Komfo Anokye, pulled down his shorts and started urinating.

After urinating, his manh00d Erəcted amidst pains and till now, it’s still up.

While many are sympathising with him, some folks fo the town of Awukugua are of the opinion the man did that for ritual purposes.

Elders of Awukugwa have requested for the family of the man before they would appeal to the gods of the land to cure the man.

See the video below;

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