(+VIDEO) The Year Is Almost Ending And I’m Still Single, I’ll Snatch Someone’s Man

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Ghanaian actress, Roselyn Ngissah has jumped on the popular TikTok trend to share some intimate news.

In a funny video posted on her Instagram page, Roselyn disclosed that 2021 is ending in a few weeks but unfortunately for her, she is still single.

She added that she was going to snatch someone’s boyfriend before the year ends so that she won’t enter the following year single.

Roselyn Ngissah started acting at an early age and has featured in movies including Adams Apple, Away Bus, and Princess Tyra. A few months ago, Rosalyn was rumoured to be in an amorous relationship with her “best friend” and fellow actor, James Gardiner.

He later came to clear the air that they are only friends and Roselyn is like a sister to him.

Watch her video below;

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