(+VIDEO) ‘Such a silly boy, you won’t find anyone who’ll love you like I do’

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Xandy Kamel has thrown a shot at her husband over their breakup which recently became a trending topic on the internet.

After taking her marital issues to the gods as they are more faithful and reliable when it comes to settling good scores in relation to matters of the heart, she has resorted to throwing shade at Kaninja who probably don’t care about his estranged wife.

Xandy Kamel who is out of the country in a video sighted by GHBase.Com is seen with a smiling face as she sang to Adina’s ‘I Need You’ song which seems to throw shade at men who dump their lovers for intangible reasons

Xandy sang the part where Adina poured her heart out in the song as called her ‘lover’ silly boy after breaking her heart when she had given her all in the relationship.

The lyrics Xandy sang reflect what she is currently going through following the breakup of her marriage.


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