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Comic actor Akrobeto has reacted to the trending video of Evangelist Diana Asamoah looking beautiful and elegant in makeup telling her that she’s behaving like a slay queen but then she’s not.

Akrobeto during his show ‘The Real News’ chides Diana Asamoah over what she did in the videos saying she’s behaving like someone at the age of 12 or 20 but then she’s way older than that and what she did in the video doesn’t suit her at all.

According to Akrobeto, Diana Asamoah is now behaving like a slay queen when she’s almost in her 50s or above 50s but then she’s behaving like how slay queens have been behaving when taking photos making fun of her.

The video is actually funny to watch especially where she shouted as if she was tickled by someone and Akrobeto isn’t the only one making fun or her as almost everyone who chances upon the video burst out with laughter.

video below;


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