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Celebrated Ghanaian journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni has subtle shaded dancehall artiste  Shatta Wale over his recent behaviour.

His criticism comes after Shatta Wale claimed he had been shot by unidentified assailants, following a prophecy from a man of God known as Bishop Stephen Akwasi (Jesus Ahuofe). Ahuofe Jesus predicted that Shatta Wale would lose his life on October 18, 2021, in a similar fashion like that of Lucky Dube, who was shot on October 18, 2007.

Manasseh who is visibly disappointed by Shatta Wale’s behavior has compared him to the local and inexpensive ‘tugyimii rice’. According to him, the musician’s actions speak of one who is losing his relevance and will do whatever he deems possible to remain relevant.

Manasseh Azure believes the consistency and success of Shatta Wale’s peers which make him look like a pale shadow to them, caused his agitation and influenced his decision to pull such a childish prank on his fans and the entire Ghanaian community.

His post reads:

Manasseh speaks in parables;

“King Sark said No Pressure

That advice should have been a treasure

For life is not a race

Everyone has their pace

But some would resort to anything for fame

Even if it would end in shame

They use shortcuts to rise in the game

But it takes more than noise to keep one’s name

In their current state, they ought to be wistful

But in their fleeting glory of yore, they are wishful

In comparison with others’ success, they’re flattered

But the consistency of others keeps them flustered

So they’d do anything to rise

Even if it’s as inferior as “tugyimi” rice

Because trending is where their pride lies

But now they’re cold like ice

In their antics, however, they should not lose sight

That things are no longer loose, but tight

We aren’t saints, but we must strive to do right

It’s true that lawlessness is in our remit

It’s true that the powerful can even build without a permit

But under Dampare, every foolishness has its limit

Dampare is large and in charge!

And we’ve got to know What Time It Is!

Now, the beginning of wisdom is a declaration to thyself: “I Know My Level.”




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