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The Taliban executed an Afghan sniper who worked with British Special Forces in front of his family.

According to Mail Online, Noor was tracked down to his sister’s home on the outskirts of Kabul by two gunmen on Monday, September 13. He was shot three times in the chest and again as he lay on the ground.

He was a member of the British-trained Afghan unit known as CF333, many of whom were rescued during the airlift from Kabul airport following the Taliban takeover.

Members of the British military were shocked and outraged by the murder, with former Colonel Ash Alexander-Cooper, OBE, an SAS commander of specialist operations, tweeting:

‘For those leaders still unsure, this is not a game, ‘N’ was executed by the Taliban in cold blood just a few hours ago. His crime? Years of loyal and professional service, mentored by British units.

‘There is no amnesty. Abandoned by us, this murder will not be the last.’

Noor is said to have been shot dead while his wife and five children, all under the age of nine – the youngest just ten days old – were at the entrance of the house.

‘This is the reality of the “new” Taliban,’ Mr Alexander-Cooper said. ‘Talk of inclusivity, diversity and amnesty is a joke and some are falling for it. Wake up.’

The killing is the latest in a string of retaliatory killings carried out by the Taliban, who have gone house to house looking for those who collaborated with Western forces against them.

Rafi Hottak, a former frontline interpreter and Noor’s friend, said, “Noor had been threatened many times and feared for his life.” This is the reality for those who supported the United Kingdom and its allies.’

Afghanistan: Afgan police chief handcuffed, blindfolded and shot dead by Taliban troop for fighting them [Graph.ic Video]

A shocking video has emerged of an Afghan police chief being executed by Taliban militants while blindfolded and on his knees.

The video, which has gone viral, appears to show General Haji Mullah Achakzai handcuffed while two men, allegedly militants, converse in the background.

As the police chief waits for his fate, a man approaches with a gun and shoots him, after which he falls motionless.

In his 60s and was previously the commander of Badghis Province, the police chief is believed to have been detained by the Taliban after they took over the area near the Turkmen border.

The Islamist militant group has taken over Afghanistan in less than a week, and it is now said to be going door-to-door looking for collaborators of the deposed regime.


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