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Following her near fatal accident with her 4-year old daughter a few days ago, TV and radio personality Gifty Anti has shared a profound message on her Facebook page. 

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Gifty recently alerted her fans on social media about her one reckless driver colliding with her at the rear, the impact of which hurt and traumatized her daughter.

In this new update, she said she’s taking solace in the fact that God is working against the machinations being woven around her while cautioning all and sundry to take precautionary measures ‘around these times.’

She wrote; Good morning my dear ones, I am sure you know that everything that happens to me, whether good or bad, I try to find a way to use it to inspire you!!A lot has happened to me in the past 72 hours, that has threatened to shake my ‘world’!! Yesterday was like a ‘climax’.

But, I remain unshaken because I believe God revealed things…., He allowed me to see certain things for my good and the good of those who look up to me!‘Strange’ things happen around these times.

Unexplained circumstances! Keep praying and remain vigilant!!The driver of the car that slammed into my car, was very reasonable and agreed to take care of damage caused to the car. In his words ‘he doesn’t know what happened’. He says he remembers seeing my break light and the next thing was a ‘bang’ into my car!!

I am shaken a bit, I must admit! But I am convinced, that God has got me and my little girl covered and will not let harm come our way!!

We are ok now and I am monitoring HRH as the Dr recommended. But I believe she is fine in Jesus name. She actually says she will make chicken soup for me

Please, please, Let’s watch out for each other, especially as drivers, passengers and pedestrians on the road.

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