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“Stop asking single people when they’ll be getting married, it’s not good for their mental health” – Berla Mundi, 33 defends singleness 

Ghanaian media personality, Berla Mundi has urged the public to refrain from putting unnecessary pressure on people who are single to get married.

According to the TV3 Presenter, she finds it quite mind-boggling, when young people like herself are asked about when they will be getting married, why they are still single at a relatively older age blah blah blah.

Berla Mundi says these questions drain people who are asked emotionally and puts psychological pressure on them.

In a tweet, Berla Mundi asked for an immediate halt to these questions because marriage is a personal choice one needs to make hence these questions about why one has decided to go celibate or single for life should not be encouraged.

‘You are aging.When are you going to marry?’ ‘Oh you got married? Congrats.When are you having a baby?’ Dear society, why do you keep asking these? Do you think of the emotional and psychological pressure you place on these people?

Berla Mundi is one of the finest bachelorettes in this country who is yet to settle down even after having a relatively successful career as a Broadcast Journalist. For her, marriage must not be rushed hence those who constantly disturb her peace and sleep with questions about when she is getting married need to be mindful of his mental health.

16 Successful Ghanaian Female Celebrities Who You Probably Do Not Know Are Currently Single

Marriage does not seem to be the utmost priority of some successful Ghanaian female celebrities; a piece of exclusive information you probably are yet to know.

Although society places a huge value on the need for women to mary when they get of age, these female celebrities are yet to kowtow to the pressure and hurry into marriage.

Well, many believe it is either they are successful and do not see the need to submit to men or they probably do not fancy the whole idea about a marriage where they have to move in to live with a man forever.

Honestly, some of these Ghanaian female celebrities have either had failed marriages or make babies or babies out of wedlock. Some of them are yet to see men around them and others have given us several speculations about their relationships which are yet to see the light of day.

In this edition of Celebrity Facts & Life, we bring you 16 successful Ghanaian female celebrities who are still unmarried, single and certainly free.

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