Start Helping Your Wives With Household Chores If You Want Them To Stop Looking Old And Tired

Growing up, one of the famous things African parents tell their daughters is to be hardworking to keep their husbands. African parents teach their female children to do house chores like cooking, cleaning, washing etc to be able to keep their husbands. They however allow the boys to roam freely after all a woman’s place is in the kitchen.

Men were supposed to be the providers while the women took care of their children and the home. But In the 21st century, women also work to support men to reduce the burden on them.

Well, a young man called Ebuka has taken to Twitter to advice men to help their women in the kitchen.

According to him, men are always sitting in their couches while their wives, clean the house, cook the meals, wash clothes, dishes, mop the floors, take care of the kids and also allow their husbands chop them after all the stress.

He added that, their wives will always look tired and exhausted and even older with all stress if the men don’t help put.

While some men agreed with him, others didn’t.

See his post below;

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