Sex Education: 5 explanations for bleeding after sex


Research has shown that nine per cent of women experience some vaginal bleeding after sex.

So why would this even happen?

Infections like yeast and bacterial infections can cause inflammation in the vagina and cervix. This inflammation can cause tears and bleeding during sex.

Vaginal drying can easily cause bleeding during sex. Low estrogen levels asides from a lack of interest in sex can cause the vagina to be dry. Imagine the amount of friction involved during sex and not enough lubrication. It can cause some bleeding.

If your cervix is inflamed benignly or as a result of a sexually transmitted infection like chlamydia or gonorrhoea. This cervical inflammation can cause bleeding after sex.

Can very rough sex cause vaginal bleeding or sex after a dry spell?

This can happen because the vagina and cervix are susceptible to tears but a doctor I spoke to about it says the chances of this happening is “extreme, impractical and a small percentage of the time.”

These are little non-cancerous growths around the cervix that can cause bleeding after sex.

Lastly, sex just before your period is about to start or just as it ends can lead to a little blood.

If bleeding after sex is continuous, kindly see your doctor.

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