Relationship, airtime major factors of hardship

Director of Research at Kumasi Technical University Dr. Smart Sarpong

In a period when the average Ghanaian is lamenting about the standard of living, an economic analyst has the answers on how to make life manageable.

Director of Research at the Kumasi Technical University, Dr Smart Sarpong, has asserted that if there is a cut down on relationship and airtime, there would be enough in the pockets of the citizens.

On Dwaso Nsem Thursday, he explained that most people spend excessively on airtime and their lovers in a way that yields no positive result.

“Buying airtime is not a problem but one must use it on things that will enable him get something positive in return because the world is about profit, loss, or break even,” he said.

With relationship, he explained that the mentality of people in the African continent makes it difficult to adopt ‘hand go hand come’.


“With the whites both the man and the woman support each other in relationship but in Ghana, it is one sided. The male has to be financially stable to take care of the woman. It is always supposed that Accra is lived by plan. One must strategise their doing in order to survive as the cost of living in Accra is very high,” he said.

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