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A Nigerian man residing in the United Arab Emirates is to undergo mental evaluation for crossing an expressway rather than using the pedestrian bridge.

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This was revealed on Twitter by @OMOIYAWAEC77 who said he often picks up the man on his way to work.

According to him, he stopped seeing the guy for about 5 days, and when they eventually met, he revealed that he crossed the main road and was caught by an official, who then sentenced him to mandatory 5-day evaluation at the UAE government hospital.

He shared;

The tweep wrote; ”I pick this Nigerian every morning on my way to work, for 5 days I didn’t see him. This morning I saw and asked why I didn’t see him, he said, bros, since you don dey carry me, shey I resemble or act like person wey mad or don mad? I said no. He said he crossed the main road instead Of using the pedestrian bridge and was caught by a CID.

Instead of getting a fine, he gave him a 5-day mandatory mental evaluation at the fed govt hospital. He asked why he did that and he said, only a mentally deranged person will leave a pedestrian bridge to cross an express road.”

See his post below:

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