Nigerian Afrobeats twins P-Square reunite after 5 years of feuding [Video]

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Afrobeats artists, Peter and Paul Okoye have finally smoked the peace pipe, ending their infamous years-long feud.

The musical twin brothers, who make up P-Square, went their separate ways following a rift involving their wives and older brother, Jude Okoye, who was also their manager.

The Nigerian duo went on to pursue solo careers after efforts to settle their family issues proved futile.

Their bond started taking a new dimension after Peter Okoye took his twin brother, Paul Okoye’s kids out for shopping. They started following each other again on social media.

In a video shared by popular music executive, Ubi Franklin, the brothers are seen shaking hands and embracing each other for the first time in five years.

They both grinned from cheek to cheek to the admiration of other people who were present in a room.

Watch the video below

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