‘My enormous boobs are ruining my life – I’m in constant pain and can hardly work’

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A woman suffering from crippling back pain due to her enormous boobs is scared they’re ruining her life.

Shade Newberry, 26, from Bristol, is a natural size 38J and has to wear two bras to support her enormous chest.

The hair loss technician says the massive cup size is even affecting her job, forcing her to go down to part time hours at the salon due to excruciating back pain.

Shade said: “It got to a point where I couldn’t cope working full time because I was in constant pain.

“I’d always end up in tears and have to go home because of the back pain.

“So in the end I had to become part-time because my boobs have been causing me so much pain I can’t stand and work for very long.”

Shade Newberry wears summer dress

Shade says she’s in constant back pain because of the weight of her boobs ( Image: CATERS NEWS)

Shade and friend

She added her inability to work has caused her even more stress because she’s now short on cash too.

“My boobs have just taken over my whole life. It feels like I am wasting my young life,” she said.

Looking back, Shade pinpoints a time in Year 6 of primary school when she first started to notice her breasts.

“A girl pointed out to me that I needed a bra,” she recalled.

“So my dad took me to get a training bra and I was told that I would need a proper bra.

“By the time I got to secondary school, I was a DD cup.”

Shade claims her boobs continued to grow throughout her teenage years, and by the time she was 17 years old, she was a G cup.

She said: “No matter what I wear people stare at my chest or make comments.

“If I ever wear anything that’s low cut people accuse me of getting my boobs out for attention. It’s so unfair.

“I’m still only young and I feel like I need to cover and hide in baggy clothes. It feels like I’m a middle-aged woman in frumpy clothes.

“I’m wasting my young life hating my body and being a social recluse because I don’t want to go out have constant stares.”

Shade says she suffers from body confidence issues due to her cleavage, explaining it forces her to up her clothing size.

“My dress size should be a size 16, but because of my chest, I have to buy size 24 for my top half.

“Even when my weight fluctuates, my breast size never changes.”

And her breasts carry an enormous financial burden too.

“Finding bras is also a hard task and they’re so much more expensive too. They usually cost me about £42 and they don’t seem to last very long because of the weight of my boobs,” she explained.

Shade has been wearing two bras recently for more support, however, it makes her boobs very hot, causing her to develop sores from the sweat.

She said: “I have grooves in my shoulders from where my bras dig in and my skin is always red raw and burning. It’s just constant discomfort.

“It feels like my boobs have taken away my social life and they are going to take away my career if I can’t ever get a reduction.

“I once went to Thorpe Park and had to get off of two rides before they started because the bars were so tight on my chest.

“It sometimes gets to a point where I think I can’t go on like this because it’s taken over my whole life.”

She is now fundraising for breast reduction surgery which she believes will make her life more comfortable and give her some freedom back.

“I can’t see a future without a breast reduction because then I would be able to live my best life and wear whatever I want.”

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