Musician Empress Gifty mistakenly shows REAL FACE without makeup and it’s disturbing – Check » GhBase•com™

For the first time, die-hard fans of Empress Gifty have been taken aback following the display of their icon’s real face devoid of anything make-up.

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It all happened because today is the birthday of her alleged cheating husband in the person of NPP’s Hopeson Adorye.

And as expected, Gifty has been spotted together with her hubby in an undisclosed location which could be their residence or perhaps a coded hotel just to make today memorable.

Either way, Gifty Osei decided to record a video to give her husband a more enthusiastic birthday message than the lukewarm one she gave him online.

Empress had apparently just woken up in the morning and had yet to get into her normal makeup to enhance her looks.

Empress Gifty face without make-up

Therefore, her real face devoid of anything makeup was clear to see in the video. Her hair also looked broken and multicolored – so sad!

Anyway, watch the footage below and share your candid opinion with us – GHBase.Com


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