Maurice Ampaw reacts to claims that he is gay

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Controversial Ghanaian legal practitioner Maurice Ampaw has responded to allegations by a pharmacist that he is gay.

Maurice Ampaw claims some politicians are behind these accusations and he will take legal actions against them.

The outspoken lawyer denied all allegations and described the pharmacist who accused him of being gay as stupid and foolish.

According to Lawyer Ampaw, he has taken steps to arrest the pharmacist and also to prove his allegations.

Maurice Ampaw added that he only decided to voice out for the sake of his children who will be massively affected by these lies.

Those of you accusing Lawyer Ampaw of being gay, shame unto you. Those who know me, my training and what I stand for know who I am. We have foolish politicians in opposition sponsoring a foolish guy to spread lies about me, I am coming after you.

I am coming after that stupid guy, he will be arrested and he will prove it in court for spreading fake news. I didn’t want to talk about it but for the sake of my children I have to defend myself”, Maurice Ampaw noted.

Watch the video below;

Few days ago, a pharmacist identified as Philip Nana Yaw Badu accused Lawyer Maurice Ampaw of being gay.

According to Philip, he supplies the legal practitioner with pills and diapers for his leaking backside.

He also alleged that the lawyer’s stand on the legalization of LGBTQ in Ghana stands on the fact that he is also part of the Gay society.

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