Man Organizes Surprise Party For His Girlfriend To Break Up With Her (+VIDEO) » GhBase•com™

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While people are organising parties to propose to the love of their lives, a young man decided to do the opposite.

He organised a surprise party for her and only to break up with her after finding out she was cheating on him.

He wrote on the wall that he knew about Raymond, a guy she was cheating with. As soon as the lady came into the room, he screamed “surprise” only for the lady to see”IT’S OVER” written nicely on the floor.

Watch the video below;

Meanwhile,two love birds have decided to share their romantic moments on social media.

In a video fast circulating online, the man was busily kissing the lady and touching her “s3xually”.

She reacted by telling him how hard her nipples had become and why he should stop kissing her and get ready for action.

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