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A Zimbabwean man has filed a lawsuit before a court after discovering that the last born child from his 27-year-old marriage was not his but a neighbour’s.

Murambiwa Murangariri petitioned a High Court for an order compelling his neighbour, Tineyi Lavite Tapfumaneyi to pay him $4.5 Million as damages.  The distraught man said the actions of his neighbour has left his family in disarray and caused him extreme distress.

Murangariri who has been married to his wife Chipo Musonza for 27 years and have four children with her, said Tineyi had earlier been forced to pay two beasts by a traditional court after admitting to the adulterous affair with his wife (Musonza).

He added that the affair continued after the fine. The court paper read;

“The defendant is even defaming the plaintiff by alluding to the fact that he is not man enough. The plaintiff has just obtained confirmation that the last born is not his progeny but was fathered by the defendant.”

Murangariri also revealed that his marriage to Musonza has irretrievably broken down after finding out that he looked after Tineyi’s child. The document added;

“The plaintiff’s marriage has irretrievably collapsed. The defendant did not have the right to say or act in the manner that he did. The plaintiff has had his good standing affected in the community because the defendant impregnated the plaintiff’s wife and made the plaintiff look after a child that is not his.”

New Zimbabwe reported that the plaintiff is now seeking $3 million as damages for the upkeep of the child who is not his, $1 million for shock, distress and degradation and $500 000 as general damages.

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