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Moses Dry Bone called MTN Call Centre basically to confirm if the woman behind the voicemails had been sacked or resigned.

In a recorded phone-in conversation with one of the attendants, Moses said he had been informed by a friend that the voice that normally says: “you have no call credit in your account” had resigned.

According to him, he wanted to confirm the information and also find out if MTN were rewarding customers after sacking the woman.

While the call attendant tried to explain that the voice he hears whenever he makes a call was a prerecorded voicemail, Moses Dry Bone was not ready to buy it.

He insisted that the information he got from a friend that Jessica Opare Saforo, the woman behind the voicemails had been sacked was factual. He had thought whenever he made a call, there’s a woman at the other end who answers and says “you have no call credit in your account” or “the MTN line you are calling is currently is switched off” amongst other voicemails

Thus, since he had heard that the woman had been fired, it will mean there won’t be anyone at the other end of the phone call to give him additional INFO, which to him meant customers of MTN could make free calls.

It was an endless back and forth between the call attendant who tried so well to explain issues to a very opinionated Moses Dry Bone.

In the end, the call had to end with Moses heaving what felt like a sigh of dissatisfaction after realizing that the news he got that the woman behind MTN voicemails had resigned or been sacked was false.

For your information, Moses Dry Bone is the President of the Drunkards Association of Ghana.

Listen To The Conversation Below For More:

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