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Mallam Gbawe schools unveil modern hand-washing stand [Photos]

Mallam Gbawe Cluster of Schools in Accra has unveiled a hand-washing sink stationed at the school campus donated and mounted by Dettol.

This initiative is to improve the hand-washing culture in the school in a bid to promote personal hygiene and to commemorate the Global Hand-washing Day.

Global Hand+washing Day is a global advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness about the importance of hand hygiene and triggering lasting change from the policy to community-driven action.

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The Mallam Gbawe Cluster of schools was among 300 schools that participated in the Dettol School Hygiene Programme. The school was selected due to their impressive involvement in the programme.

Country Manager for Reckitt, Sachin Varma, told Adom News this will help prevent the pupils from being vulnerable from diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea, and covid-19 among others.

Sachin Varma has been calling on the public sector to partner the private sector in this initiative to be extended to all schools.

He says 200 schools in Accra have had their share of the stand and they are planning to hit 300 schools this year for about 150, 000 students

The staff and pupils in the school have been acknowledging Dettol for the initiative and have pledged to wash their hands and keep the stand in shape always.

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A teacher and head of the school drama group, Laura Mornu, after a beautiful drama to demonstrate proper hand-washing process said the initiative by the company will help the students become used to the practice.

As part of the celebration, Madam Veronica Bekoe, the inventor of Veronica bucket was also recognised and celebrated for her contribution to the promotion of hand-washing in Ghana.

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