Love or madness? Lady tattoos boyfriend’s name on her face despite pain (Watch) » GhBase•com™

Despite the seeming absurdity with her action, a Nigerian lady went ahead to tattoo the name of her boyfriend on her face.

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What’s more- she was in great pain but allowed her ‘mad’ love to supersede her thoughts and eventually managed to get the name inked on her face.

She inscribed the name of the guy on her face which reads; ‘Anjola My Love.’

Would you go to such length to prove your love to your partner/ Let’s hear you out in the comment section of our social media page?

Watch the video below;

In other news, a young lady has been hospitalized after her quest in seeking pleasure in a vibrator backfired in the most unexpected way.

From social media reports, the lady was alone in her room and while seeking sexual gratification from the vibrator, the device caught fire suddenly.

The electric vibrator allegedly developed an electric fault and started melting from the base and it nearly electrocuted the young lady.

Out of shock, she was allegedly sent to the hospital for treatment. Read more here.

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