Lady fakes her death to break up with ‘broke’ boyfriend, now wants him back because he’s rich

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This confession may seem like fiction culled out of a novel, but it’s indeed the true-life story of a woman who dumped her boyfriend in the most cunning way and now regrets her actions.

According to the young lady who shared her story with a relationship counsellor, she was fed up with her boyfriend because he was broke and couldn’t take care of her. She, therefore, nursed plans to ditch him without a trace of her whereabouts.

She explained that although her boyfriend was loving and had a good heart, the pockets were leaking, hence had to devise ways to leave him.

And among all the strategies she could use, she decided to fake her own death. Pretending to be her cousin, she sent her boyfriend a WhatsApp message saying only 50 people are allowed at her funeral in line with COVID-19 protocols.

But as fate may have it, a new chapter opened in the life of the young man after the supposed death of his girlfriend.

He’s now rich and the lady wants to go back to him.

Read her full story below;

Hi auntie Momoza. Please keep me anonymous.

So I dated this guy last year but he was always broke. He was loving and had a good heart but the pockets were leaking. I didn’t know how to dump him, so I faked my own death.

I WhatsApp’d him pretending to be my cousin using my phone and told him I was dead. I asked him only 50 people would be allowed to come to my funeral because of government regulations, so only family members.

After that I blocked him everywhere. I have a fake account that I use to stalk people, so I’ve been monitoring his posts. He was hurt after my death shame. He posted about me for months after my death.

Luckily we never had any mutual friends. Lately I noticed things are going well for him. He got a job and seems like he’s earning well. I want to go back to him but don’t know how cause he thinks I’m dead. Please give me ideas. I love my man.”

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