Lady dies after a snake hidden in her toilet bit her when she sat on the toilet bowl (video)

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A beautiful young lady named Lance Corporal Bercy, a Nigerian Air Force Personnel has met her untimely death after she was bitten by a snake hiding in her toilet seat (Water Closet).

Bercy was bitten by the snake on Saturday, November. 20, at her home in Abuja.

According to reports from sources, the lady felt to visit the washroom and following a stomach upset. After removing her underpants, the lady sat on the WC to ease herself.

Not knowing, there was a big black snake that was hiding under the toilet seat all these while when she sat to use the toilet.

The report further states that the snake then came out unsuspiciously to bite her while she was defecating resulting in her instant death.

Following the tragic incident, someone was called to remove the huge snake from the toilet.

Watch the video below;

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