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Ladies tried to outdo each other in the quest for supremacy and money as they moaned on Twitter space to the fancy of listeners.

It was a feat chalked by the organizers considering the number of people who joined the space just to listen to ladies who were moaning for money.

The Twitter space clocked over 15K active participants…curious people who were are yearning to hear ladies moan live. The ladies made the moaning quite real with the help of yelps and yells aided by masturbation and squirting.

One could hear one of the ladies pleasure herself and narrated to the participants she was masturbating to make the entire activity real.

The men on the space bet or otherwise put up money for the lady with the best moan to win. It was quite a session as these ladies moan with so much pleasure, tickling the fancies of participants and listeners.

The Twitter space was hosted in Nigeria and its contents have since gone viral. The entire moan session was dubbed #MoaningWithOrgasmNG.

Check Out Some of the videos below:


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