Kevin Taylor sued in the US by Kennedy Agyapong

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US-based Ghanaian journalist Kevin Taylor has been sued by businessman and the MP for Assin North Hon Kennedy Ohene Agyapong in the United States where he(Kevin) is based.

The suit according to Kennedy Agyapong is based on the fact that Kevin has on numerous occasions described him as a murderer and the person behind the death of JB Danquah Adu and Investigative journalist Ahmed Suale.

Kennedy Agyapong explained that he wants Kevin Taylor to prove to the court with evidence that he is the one responsible for the death of the two.

“I am taking him to the court because I want him to come and prove with evidence where he saw me killing the person he claims I’ve killed. He is bragging about writing to the Congressman and has also written to the Worchester Mayor that I killed Ahmed Suale and J.B Danquah, The guy should come and prove, it is simple,” he said.

He continued that Kevin Taylor comments are being believed by Ghanaians and some uneducated Ghanaians fortunate to be living in the states.

He concluded that the agenda against him is to make him look bad because he has all the youth on his side.

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