Kenyans disown CNN Journalist after his interview with Sam George on anti-LGBTQI+ bill

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Following his interview with Hon. Sam George, Larry Madowo has come under harsh criticism. Many people think the CNN journalist appeared unethical in his conversation with the Ghanaian MP.

In this light, some Kenyans on social media have urged CNN journalist, Larry Madowo to stop presenting himself as a Kenyan following his interview with Sam George on the proposed anti-LGBTQ bill.

The interview which occurred on October 9, on CNN’s the Exchange, saw the journalist buttheads with Sam George regarding the implications of the anti-LGBT bill on the LGBT community in Ghana.

Sam George, the lead advocate for a private members bill that seeks to criminalise the LGBTQ community and its activities in Ghana defended his position for the passage of the bill and subtly questioned the journalist’s knowledge of the bill.

Larry Madowo who was trying to invalidate an argument made by Sam George that he [Larry] was trying to import American values into Ghana replied “I’m not an American, I’m African. I’m from Kenya.”

However, some Kenyans who had seen the interview say the journalist’s posturing during the interview was not representative of their views as Kenyans and largely African.

Read some comments below;

Meanwhile, Larry Modowo has reportedly quit CNN following the interview. He announced that he had left CNN studios based in Atlanta, the USA for Dubai.

Larry right after the interview with Sam George had described the entire session as the most contentious interview he has ever hosted.

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