It’s their choice, let’s allow them – Mr Beautiful shares his thoughts on LGBTQ+ subject

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Ghanaian actor Clement Bonney popularly known as Mr Beautiful has shared his view on the continuing LGBTQ+ topic that has already got citizens talking, also sharing their say on that.

The idea of a man sleeping with a man and likewise with women sounds disgusting to some people, whiles others take it as normal. Those in the latter category believe one has the right to engage in any form of sexual activity.

Mr Beautiful though he’s not gay has said that people who feel to be gay or lesbians should be allowed because it’s their choice. He said this while speaking in an interview with Sammy Kay recently.

He further argued that after all, members of the LGBTQI community bears the consequence of their acts alone so the government should give them the ‘green light’ to do whatever they want.

“I’m not gay but if someone wants to be one why not allow him or her? If someone thinks that being gay is what makes him or her comfortable, then why not? 

God has created a natural means through which a man and woman should enjoy sex but if some people do not prefer that, then it’s their choice. 

If that’s what they want, let’s allow them but they will suffer the consequences later,” said Mr Beautiful.

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