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A Nigerian man who uses a fictitious name on Facebook to entice and kidnap women revealed that he preys on women because they are easily duped by strangers on online social platforms.

Sadiq Abubakar was apprehended by the Nigerian Force and charged with kidnapping and blackmail. Sadiq Abubakar claims that he uses the alias ‘Samuel Johnson’ to scam women on the social networking platform.

“My name is Sadiq Abubakar,” he said. I am from the state of Kogi. Samuel Johnson is my online alias. I engage in online kidnapping. They do occasionally send me a friend request. I occasionally send them a friend request. We end up becoming friends. I invite them, then I kidnap them and demand a ransom. That’s what I do.

My advice to young women is to be cautious and not put their trust in anyone. And they must always be cautious and sensitive. Women are extremely susceptible to deception.

There has been an increase in the number of missing people in the country. Some are discovered alive, while others are discovered butchered or never discovered.

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