Ingratitude is a killer, thank your wife after sex – Pastor [Video]

Popular Nigeria clergywoman, Funke Felix-Adejumo, has urged married men to be grateful and thank their wives each day after having sex with them.

According to her, despite ingratitude being a killer, it is a trait that has been demonstrated by many people towards God and their fellow mankind.

“Ingratitude is a killer and it is so disturbing that some people, not only do they show it to God but also to men. As a man, when last did you thank your wife for marrying you?” she queried.

In her sermon which cracked many ribs, Pastor Funke cautioned men must not see sex with their wives as a right of way, adding the wives offered their bodies and there is the need for them to be appreciated.

 “When last did you thank your wife after having sex with her? She gave you her body. Don’t tell me we enjoyed it together.


“When a woman gives her body to you, it is a lot. To a woman, sex is more than oh let’s just have pleasure,” she advised.

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