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“IGP must see this” – Reaction to new video of Trotro driver peeing at the side of the Alajo road » GhBase•com™

“IGP must see this” – Reaction to new video of Trotro driver peeing at the side of the Alajo road

The Inspector-General of Police (IGP) is being urged to arrest a trotro driver who was seen peeing at the side of the Alajo road in Accra.

According to many, the driver of the Sprinter minibus flouted the law by getting off his car to pee on a major trunk road in the city.

Meanwhile, others do believe since places of convenience have not been made available on the roads, the driver had no option other than to pee into the open drain at the side of the road. He couldn’t hold on to the urine forever.

The video was taken by Samuel Attah Mensah, the Managing Director of Citi FM/TV and shared on Twitter. According to him, the driver was not ready to listen to him when he confronted him about the act.

He wrote: This trotro driver stopped right in front of me at Alajo junction to pee and when I confronted him he told me to come collect the pee if I’m against it and he added ..”nkwasiasem aaakwa”. @GhPoliceService

Some of the comments the post garnered are as follows:

Troy Banasco commented: Man cannot even pee in peace in this country. People forget there are not too many sanitary places along our roads. Roadside is the best option. So what exactly should he be arrested for?? I’m Soo confused right now

Unapologetic Nick: Being stuck in traffic & uncontrollably needing to pee, I’ve been there. But to do it in the middle of the road, that’s inexcusably low. His uncouth response aside, we need to start providing solutions for these natural urgencies. These space-friendly city toilets come to mind.

Fred Darko: It is a bad habit bro. But some of these things are uncontrollable. It may be that he couldn’t control it any longer and considering the traffic, that may be the best place to “do it” at that crucial moment.

Dan: I managed holding urine for almost 2hours in traffic and the excruciating pain I got on my lower back was not easy and I had to manage to stop the car and pee like how he did sometimes our bodies respond differently to certain stressors so we must observe some kind of discretion

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