I Found Out My 38-Year-Old Husband Is 50 Years After Two Years Of Marriage

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A lady has taken to social media to reveal how her husband deceived her into marrying her.

Read her story below;

I am a 31 years old lady, residing in Abuja, Nigeria. I got married two years ago. My husband and I met at a friend’s birthday party. The celebrant was my friend, and my husband had come there with his own friend, and that’s how we met. And from there our relationship began.

We talked about our personal lives during the period of our dating – we talked about our families, our jobs, our pasts, and almost everything.

We talked about our age. He told me he was 38 years old. That wasn’t bad, since I was 31 years old, the seven years difference wasn’t bad after all.

Four months after that, he proposed to me. He wanted us to get married immediately, and we did it two months after the proposal.

So last week, my husband fell ill, and I had to take him to the hospital. The doctor then said he has diabetes. I was confused, because we have been eating well and maintaining healthy lifestyle, so I didn’t understand how the diabetes came about. He was admitted in the hospital that day.

I was really disturbed that evening when I returned home, so I decided to go through his files to see if he had any health records that could justify the diabetes issue.

While going going through the files, I discovered something very surprising. I discovered that my husband is actually 50 years old, and not the 38 years old he told me about. His real age was there on all his documents.

I was so confused and angry at the same time. So all this while we have nineteen years age difference, and he didn’t tell me. When he was discharged from the hospital two days ago, I confronted him with what I found out, and he started begging me.

He said that the reason he lied to me was that if he had told me his real age, I probably would not have accepted his marriage proposal. So he had to lie to me so that I could accept to marry him. I am so confused right now. I am finding it very difficult to forgive him, even though he’s been begging for my forgiveness since two days ago.

How could he say he loves me yet lied to me? Do people lie to people they love? It is the reason I’m sharing my story here so that you can advise me on what to do. Please what is the best thing for me to do now?

Is there any thing wrong with the age difference?

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