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H00kup girl gets b00bs fondled at popular pub to test if she qualifies for the night [Video] » GhBase•com™

Accraaaa: H00kup girl gets b00bs fondled at popular pub to test if she qualifies for the night [Video]

A supposed hookup girl allowed her boobs to be fondled at a popular pub in Accra to test if she qualified for the night.

Inside the SlydeInn bar at Trassaco Valley in Accra, a number of girls were hosted by guys who came around to pick and choose the ones they would love to take away for a night.

One of the ladies who was pumped up for the night had to allow for her boobs to be fondled by one of the guys who had come ostensibly to look for a hookup girl.

Others were lined up as they prepared for their qualification test. There are a number of outrageous things that happened at pubs and bars in the capital.

From the giving of free bl0wjob to the practising of orgy, many popular relaxation centres have become vantage points for hookup girls to meet their prospective customers.

The videos below give an exact account of such a phenomenon. The interesting part of the video is how the lady found nothing wrong with the act as she pulled her tongue out to give a girlish approval.

Watch Videos Below:

The world coming to an end? Ghanaian lady offers free ‘mouth service’ to male patrons at a nightclub (Watch)

A video of a young Ghanaian woman who gave male patrons BJ at a nightclub situated somewhere in Kasoa has assumed centre stage on the internet.

Male clubbers could not believe their luck when the unidentified girl went down on them and gave them sex.ual pleasure by striking on their manhood with her mouth.

The perverted guys willingly trooped to her arena to get this once-in-a-lifetime service from her. The girl who obviously looked high and immersed in her element further gave hard twerk on others’ manhood as well.

Seems like she really came prepared for the ‘free show.’ Watch the video below;


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