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Groom’s prank backfires after stunt divides family at his own wedding

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A groom’s love of pranks has backfired after a stunt divided his new wife’s family at his own wedding.

The man’s brother-in-law shared the story anonymously, saying they had all put up with his antics for years but now the family had reached tipping point.

On his wedding day, the groom decided to single out the brother-in-law’s girlfriend, and in a cruel prank he poured milk on her new dress, which cost around £250.

Now the brother-in-law has demanded the groom pays to replace the dress, and the family has finally had enough of the groom’s behaviour.

Taking to Reddit, the man said: “After the ceremony and while the guests were eating. He saw me and my girlfriend standing talking to several guests and mutual friends and he approached us with a glass of milk in his hand.

“My girlfriend was standing next to me in her £250 dress when my brother in law pointed to the left and shouted, ‘look! There’s a dog over there!’

“Me, my girlfriend looked to the left and next thing I knew he threw milk from his glass on her dress. My girlfriend was so shocked she froze.

“He started laughing saying, ‘gotcha’. I was stunned then I asked what the hell he did that for.

“I lashed out at him as my girlfriend rushed to clean up and I called him obnoxious and mean because he shouldn’t have done that.

“He said he was just messing with us and my girlfriend should feel lucky for being served milk at a wedding.

“She left looking angry and didn’t respond to my calls. I was livid. After my argument with my brother in-law I left.”

The man said that he and his family had told the groom that they had had enough of his pranks, but he carried on anyway.

After the wedding, the brother-in-law told the groom that he wanted him to replace the dress.

He said: “The next day I called him and my sister about what happened and told them I’m expecting him to pay £250 for the dress he ruined.

“He threw a fit saying it was just a prank and my sister said milk doesn’t ruin a dress and said an apology should do it but I said no and demanded he pays after humiliating my girlfriend.”

After sharing his story online, other Reddit users were quick to comment – and most said that the groom was in the wrong.

One user said: “Visit him regularly and perform a costly prank at his expense each time until he relents, pays for the dress and begs you to stop ruining his stuff. It will be hilarious. ‘Oops, I dumped a beer on your PS5. Gotcha!’”

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