Govt needs to do something about prices of fuel

Dennis Miracle Aboagye

A member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) National Communications Team, Dennis Miracles Aboagye, has bemoaned the fast-rising increment of fuel.

He remarked that so far as the comfortability of the ordinary Ghanaian is concerned, the government must do well to reduce fuel prices in the country.

Aside the dip in September 2021, fuel prices have skyrocketed throughout the October period, a situation Mr Aboagye says is problematic.

Mr Aboagye blamed the government’s deregulation since 2015 as a contributing factor to the hike in fuel prices.

He argued that if the sector under the ruling government was in charge of the fuel prices, the situation would have been better.

That notwithstanding, he claimed the NPP has done a better job than the National Democratic Congress, adding that Ghanaians would have paid 200% more under the opposition government.

“In 2009 we used to buy fuel for 82 pesewas but the price increased to two cedis when leaving government in 2016,’’ he revealed.


According to him, the price change is 114% per litre as compared to the NPP government which is barely 50%.

Knowing the history of the NPP government, he is confident that the issue of fuel prices will be tackled and handled in the yet-to-be presented budget.

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