Ghana’s political sickness is incurable

Dr Kwabena Donkor, former Power Minister

Former Minister for Power under the erstwhile President John Dramani Mahama administration says the sickness plaguing Ghana’s politics is incurable.

Speaking to Akua Boakyewaa Yiadom on Burning Issues, Dr Kwabena Donkor disclosed that political parties in Ghana do not have the courage to spit out the truth to Ghanaians.

To Dr Donkor, such an attitude of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), which he described as “Ghana’s biggest sickness”, is dragging the country back.

“Ghana’s biggest sickness is NPP and NDC and this sickness is dangerous than covid-19. It is dragging us back and there is a resistance to fight it. Sometimes the political parties find it difficult to tell Ghanaians the truth even if something is going on which is not well. They fear Ghanaians may not vote for them if they do,” he said.

The Former Minister, who is currently Member of Parliament for Pru East, added that citizens of this country lack the ability to analyze issues and that has become a major problem facing the country now.

He blamed “intellectually lazy” citizens who fall for sweet talks from power-seeking persons as part of issues that have made Ghana’s politics stagnant.

He said if ordinary Ghanaians were intellectual and not sentiment-driven, most of the politicians would be on their toes in getting their jobs done.

“I have been saying that our politics is not helping us. I always say we are intellectually lazy as a people the reason is if someone needs power, what Ghanaians need are sweet words which shouldn’t be so. We only believe the sweet words of the politicians and some of us do things with emotions, we don’t analyse their words,” he said.

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