Ghanaian men want fair ladies – Queen Farcadi

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One of Ghana’s most popular slay queens in recent times Queen Farcardi real name Patience Enyonam Gbekle has revealed her reason for changing the colour of her skin in an interview with DW-TV.

Speaking with the German-based media outfit, she was questioned on her decision to bleach her skin to which she answered that she did it because that is what men in Ghana want.

She stated that she wanted to fit into the type of woman that men desired on social media.

Queen Farcadi went on to say that she changed her name from Enyonam to Farcadi because of her new skin tone.

And according to social media slay queen, her life transformed along with her skin tone since things began to improve and her life became better.

She said her light skin brought her acceptance and took her into places her original dark tone may not have taken her to.

Watch the video:

Queen Farcadi went on to say that since bleaching, she has felt more confident in her skin and has been living a happy life.

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