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Comedian Funny Face has returned to social media a few days after court ordered that he should stay away from the social media space and focus on his treatment after being diagnosed of bipolar.

Funny Face was arrested for threatening the lives of some people and it was realized that he had mental issues hence the judge ordered that he is taken to a psychiatric hospital for re-examination and that is where he was diagnosed of bipolar.

For his own good and the betterment of the treatment, the court ordered that he says away from social media for a while which he obliged to for sometime and made his manager take over things for him but he has returned to social media again.

In a live video, Funny Face who is currently in a psychiatric hospital made us aware of his current situation and how he’s been treated over saying when he mentions the word bipolar they will come and increase his dose again.

From the video one could see that Funny Face is responding well to treatment but returning to social media against the order of the court is not going to help his situation as he needs to stay off social media to go through the treatment and come out well.

Video below;



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