Five ways to stop eating too much

Do you find yourself eating too much food despite your vows to be part of the fit fam community?

A doctor, Eugene Harry defined overeating as “consuming more food than the body can handle comfortably in one sitting or consuming more calories than the body needs to function optimally daily.

“This can leave us feeling bloated with a multitude of digestive symptoms and lead to weight gain.

So if you want to eat less food do the following:

Whenever you go to the market or the grocery store, do you buy a lot of unhealthy food and snacks and stock your house with them? Then you are sure to reach out to them when you are hungry.

The first step to eating healthy is to clear out your fridge and cabinet.

A lot of protein and fiber in your diet will help you feel full faster than carbohydrates will. This will drastically reduce the chance of overeating.

If you fix a lot of food in your plate, there is no way you won’t overeat

You are trying to stop eating so much but, you pick the biggest plate and keep putting so much food inside. There is no way you won’t overeat. Pay attention when eating

Most times, when we eat we would rather be scrolling through Twitter or watching a movie than focus on the food.

By concentrating on the food and food alone you are less likely to overeat and, you will feel full on time.

The first way to stop overeating is to gobble food slowly. The slower you eat your food; they are less likely you are to overeat.

Always plan your meals. If you wait till you are hungry, you will most likely grab anything in sight, but if you pre-plan what you are having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner then you will most likely make healthier choices.

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